She sells different food items in a neighbourhood market. She received her first loan of $290 to grow her business. Being in the sixth loan cycle ($580), she has increased her goods by two and a half times which she contributes also to the services of Furuz.

Jamila says about Furuz: “I am happy with our cooperation. Staff treat clients very friendly and humbly. I felt that when we worked together. My business capital has more than doubled in the meantime. In the future I want to buy a store. That's why I want to continue working with you.”


Received a loan of $215 to grow tomatoes.

He told us: “It's already three years that I'm a client of your organization. I felt that this is an organization that works truthfully. I like it that clients are first priority here. Normally I receive my loan in two to three days. That's what I like a lot. Our living situation has improved a lot. From this years's harvest I made $2200 profit and I want to build a house for myself.”






She is a single mother and works as cleaning lady in a restaurant. There she heard from people that Furuz gives small loans. She did not have any cattle at home but at work they always had leftover food. Also the animal market is close. She decided to take a $200 loan to purchase one small cattle.

She says: “I am happy working with your organisation. Thanks a lot to all of you that you took the hand of poor people like me. God willing, I continue cooperation with your organisation because I got blessed through you. Now I own one cow.”



He carries goods with his mini-truck. When he needed $90 to get his vehicle ready for work, no-one was willing to give a loan. From a neighbour he heard about Furuz.

He told us: “My problem got solved in just two days which made me very happy and I am grateful to your organisation. My daily income now is between $3-7 which is really helpful for a poor family.”



She is sewing and selling plastic bags from recycled flour bags, received a $123 loan.

She reports: “I have been working with your organisation for four years. The reason is that the staff of your organisation did not hold back any help but they provided the needed funds quickly. Therefore I am very grateful.”



He sells material on the main market. In 2001, he received his first loan – $500. At that time he had one selling booth where he worked with his brother. Their living conditions were difficult. He then owned a two room apartment and his brother a one room apartment.

He tells us: “When I started working with you, God blessed my work. Things moved forward well. Now I own a four room apartment and my brother a three room apartment. Both of us also have a car. I am glad about the work with your organisation. Thanks to all of you.” Now Abdughani has two selling booths.