MCO Furuz has it's head office in Kurganteppa, which was just renamed into Bokhtar. We're serving clients in banking service centers in Dushanbe with 31% of the loan portfolio, Hisor, and four in the Southern Bokhtar area. There the main activity is agricultural: besides cattle fattening people grow cotton, vegetables and grain. Additionally Furuz disburses loans for businesses engaging in trade, services and production, as well as consumer loans. 19 of the 62 districts are covered by these six branches which 40% of the population call their home.

Main office: Bokhtar

Bokhtar, Aini St. 27

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 - 17:00

Furuz Staff
Bokhtar - Farovon

Bokhtar, G. Norinov St, opposite of Farovon bazaar

Farovon1 2018Farovon 2018


Kushoniyon, I. Somoni, Halim Rakhim St.

Kushoniyon branchKushoniyon 2018


Dushanbe, Ne'mat Karabaev St. 31/14

Dushanbe 2018


Hisor, A. Yusupov St.

Hisor 2018

M.C.A. Hamadoni

Hamadoni, Moskva, Ismoili Somoni St. 7

Hamadoni 2018


Jaloliddin Balkhi

J. Balkhi, A. Sino St., opposite of Bahor bazaar

J.Rumi 2018