To develop into a Microcredit Deposit Organization in 2021 that provides highest quality financial services in Tajikistan, with a special focus on small business development.


To deliver best financial services for the sustainable and long-term development of Tajikistan.
Slogan: Our loans - your improvement


Core Values

1. Excellent quality of services (honesty, clients first, being purposeful, steady improvement)

2. Excellent working environment (unity of team, trust and mutual support, balance between work and family, taking initiative)


The micro-lending activities of Furuz began in November 1999 as Micro Enterprise Development program of the international NGO Millennium Relief and Development Services. Following sustained growth, it was registered as Furuz limited liability company. After receiving a lending license in March 2006 from the National Bank of Tajikistan, the Microcredit Organization Furuz started its lending activities.

Lack of employment is a chronic problem in Tajikistan. For the lucky few able to find work, low salaries are the norm, and even the most recent figures of the World Bank show some 34.5% earning below the poverty line. Faced with such prospects, in recent years much of Tajikistan's labor force has opted to migrate to Russia, and remittances mainly from Russia are now making up about 30% of Tajikistan’s GDP.

Therefore, the core focus of Furuz is to encourage indigenous economic development that offers a long-term solution to Tajikistan's economic problems. We do not simply provide access to credit; we seek to ensure such credit is available to businesses with real profit and growth potential.

Although initially only operating in the West of the Southern Khatlon region, Furuz extended its activities to the capital Dushanbe and its surrounding districts. Presently Furuz serves clients in 19 out of 62 districts, including the cities of Dushanbe and Bokhtar (formerly Qurghonteppa) which covers 40% of the population of Tajikistan.