Muzaffar ohangar

is a welder. He had his first loan of $200 in 2016, in 2017 the next one of $250. He is one of the best welders in the region. He makes simple tools for farmers but also beautiful light-stands, fences and such. “I’m thankful that you support handicraft in Tajikistan and I can continue with my fathers’ trade.”



Suhrob limonSuhrob limon 2

is a lemon farmer. He has been a client since 2011. Before, he was a cattle farmer. Then, he bought cars for his two younger brothers so they could start a taxi business. He received rent money from them and from that, he bought himself a Mercedes minitruck. He started selling potatoes, carrots, onions and in summer water melons and honey melons in the surrounding villages. Then he started to grow lemons in greenhouses and became an expert in this. People from the whole region come to him for advice how to grow lemons. His last loan was $5,000. “I don’t like being lazy at home. With the loans, I was able to grow my businesses and start new ones. My whole family works with me.”


Habibulo maghoza

owns a small neighbourhood store close to our branch. He received his first loan in 2016 ($350), his current loan (the 7th) is $4,000. With the loans he was able to increase his goods and make more profit. From the profit he bought land and built a house. He continues to improve it by adding rooms. When his father went bankrupt as farmer, Habibullo was able to cover that debt. He also gave his father work. When there are many clients, his father helps him in the shop or replaces him, when he has to attend to other work. ”I received God’s blessings by working with you and my living conditions have improved. I am very happy to continue the partnership.”